Bedliner Gallery

This Jeep Wrangler looks great painted with truck bedliner. It's tough, durable surface really lends itself to offroading, and it's easily touched up. I'm sure the bed liner paint job on this Jeep gets a lot of attention!

Here's a picture of the bottom of a boat painted with bedliner. Truck bedliner is a great way to cover deteriorated metal, and it will help prevent rust. Even better, truck bed liner gives this boat a non-skid surface, which makes it safer to move around the boat, especially in wet conditions.
Here's an older model Chevrolet Cavalier painted with truck bedliner. The paint on these 1980's vintage vehicles often oxidized and peeled away. The truck bed liner paintjob on this car isn't sleek or all that sexy, but it is definitely durable and unique. Which would you rather have - faded 80's purple paint or matte black truck bedliner?

The hood on this Jeep Cherokee clearly shows the type of texture that can be achieved with a do-it-yourself truck bedliner paint job. The bed liner on this Jeep looks like it was rolled on in several coats and built up nice and thick. I especially like how the bedliner was rolled on right over the Jeep emblem, giving it an interesting look. Jeeps just look awesome with a bed liner paintjob!

Here's another shot of a Jeep Cherokee with a bedliner paintjob. This Jeep is obviously intended for offroad duty, and the bed liner will protect it from the elements. I like the contrast of the matte black truck bed liner against the glossy black trim moulding. The black wheels really give this Jeep a tough look when combined with the bedliner paint job!

Another Jeep Cherokee treated with truck bedliner. This one's a little different as the owner decided to only paint the bottom of the Jeep with bed liner. The matte black bed liner has a nice contrast with the shiny silver paint.
Truck bedliner can also be used for car restoration. As mentioned earlier, truck bed liner can block moisture and prevent rust, and if rolled on thick enough, can deaden sound and heat as well. The truck bed liner applied to this floor pan is a great alternative to other more expensive products intended specifically for this purpose.

Gun stocks are another popular item to paint with truck bedliner. The bed liner gives the gun stock a stealth look, and also adds texture to improve grip. It looks as if this gunstock was sprayed with bed liner for a finer texture.

Why not? This appears to be a laptop painted with truck bedliner. Maybe you inherited a purple laptop from your wife...I prefer the tough look of matte black bed liner myself!

Bikes look awesome with a do-it-yourself bedliner paint job. It looks like this chopper was sprayed with bed liner on the tank, fenders, and other pieces to really make this bike look boss. The bedliner adds to the badass look of this mean bike, for sure.

here's another bike painted with truck bedliner, but this time its a sport bike. Truck bedliner is somewhat flexible because it's polyurethane based. This means it can be painted over plastic pieces and still resist chips and cracks. It's also easily touched up if needed. The painted on truck bedliner may start a new trend in streetbikes!